When it just feels right.

When it just feels right. 768 1024 Flash

Have you ever really LOVED something?

I mean like really loved something. You love it so much that your life just makes sense. It’s like going to the local hip clothing establishment. You know the place. Solemn looking kids out front, mindlessly scrolling their portable digital internet devices, posting and scrolling for those constant likes. Getting high off the dopamine from that “wow lit pic fam lulz” comment. Dressed up like the early 90’s grunge phase threw up a teeny bopper from the 50’s? That’s the place!

Anyways. You enter this place looking to get some hip new threads, browsing through endless rows of cotton and polyester. You grab a couple pairs of pants in a few different cuts and styles. Not totally sure what you’re looking for, all these new terms, “hip-hugging-straight-cut-bootleg-flair-capri-classic-flexfit”. “Yeah, that sounds good!” you mutter under your breath. You head over to the young gal¬†folding clothes standing at the counter. “Any way I can get a changing room to try these on?” you uncomfortably ask. Her expression says “Really? Aren’t you a little old for those?” but she replies with a hasty, “Sure”. With socially awkward exchanges between customer and retail associates out of the way, you step into the changing room and drop your pants.

As you perform the traditional act of slipping your pants one leg on at a time, you realize that poor pant leg is an anaconda trying to swallow a grizzly. On to the next pair. You clasp that button on your naval, look in the mirror, and “Sh*t”. MC Hammer is not ever coming back into style. Accept it. Options appear to be getting slim… pun intended. Alright, last pair. You slip, zip, and snap. “OH MY GOLLY”! It’s like angels descended from the heavens to weave these cotton denim clouds around every inch. From your hip bones to your ankles. These are the pants you want wear until you die!

Well, a long winded metaphor later, that’s how I feel about bicycles.


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