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Bite the Snow, Not the Dust – Fat Bike Tires
Bite the Snow, Not the Dust – Fat Bike Tires 480 640 Carl Gammon

The component that makes your Fat Bike a Fat Bike, is large-volume tires, and the ability to run said tires. So it might not be an understatement to say that it is the single most important component choice you have. If you are unsatisfied with what you currently have, it could be because your bike…

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Perfect Day at Cuyuna
Perfect Day at Cuyuna 1024 747 Carl Gammon

Pilot: Perfect Day at Cuyuna Season 1, Episode 1. The following is a dramatization. Any likeness to actual persons living or deceased is coincidence, and though events are based on a true story, facts, locations, and dialogue are fictionalized… Sort of 😉 Background sound: heart pumping audibly and theme music from semi-annoying t.v. show like…

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Bicycles and Butterfly Wings
Bicycles and Butterfly Wings 750 750 Carl Gammon

Every day in Minnesota, a tragedy occurs. It happens in a shed or a garage. It happens in a basement. It happens at a storage locker, or behind a weathered cabin. Wherever it happens, a relationship is torn. Yes, I’m talking about the time one pulls out their bicycle and finds that it is just…

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Each Day Adventure Awaits
Each Day Adventure Awaits 600 600 Carl Gammon

Your brakes let out a tiny squeak as you approach the hordes of cars piling up at the four-way intersection while road crews fill a pothole. “I gotta get that checked,” you think, as you turn up the radio to drown out the clamor outside your vehicle. The talking heads’ voices fill your car with…

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